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The importance of habits for good skin

From the moment we are born, our skin is exposed to elements that are beyond our control.  As we get older, develop, and experience hormonal changes, our skin can start to react to these changes. 

The earlier you can develop good habits, which include plenty of fluids, a balanced diet, a regular skincare routine, and sufficient sleep, the sooner you should be able to take control of the changes, rather than them controlling you.

Let’s take these habits one by one…

The ideal drink to hydrate you is water, and experts recommend you follow the ‘8 x 8 rule’ which means adults should drink 8, 8oz glasses of water each day.  Things like green tea can contribute to this count, but things like coffee can dehydrate you, so hydrate with caution! 

The amount of water we need to drink varies by age.  According to the Globe and Mail, children, aged one to three years, need one litre (four cups) daily. Children, four to eight, require 1.3 litres (5.5 cups). Teenagers need to drink more - about 1.8 litres (seven cups) for girls and 2.6 litres (10.5 cups) for boys.

Activity also plays a crucial role in determining how much you should drink, and exercise that makes you sweat, depletes the fluid in your body, and this depletion must be replaced with water or an approved Sports drink.

Your diet is your body’s fuel, and what you put into it will determine how well it runs.  This is true throughout life.  A balanced diet also has variety.  Depending on your age and gender, as well as other elements, your diet may change.  There are some great sources of information available to enable you to determine what’s best for you, including this website.  What appears to be fairly consistent with diet is its correlation with clearer skin.  This article from Forbes, which we love, is a great start to learning about the benefits of particular foods.

Having a regular skincare routine is an essential habit.  When you start it is up to you, but the earlier, the better, as environmental factors that impact your skin need to be removed to prevent blockages, plus the fact we are all conditioned to always be ‘Selfie Ready’ with #NoFilter!

A regular facial skincare routine generally means cleansing, toning and moisturizing your face, morning and night.  This can be done with any number of products available, but it is important to assess what the products you purchase contain.  Where possible, go for more natural products that do not contain parabens.  Parabens are preservatives and more and more companies are releasing products that are paraben free as they are considered to be better for your skin.  Products such as the My Rose of Bulgaria range from Lavena are tried and tested.  They not only deliver a gorgeous result, they smell lovely too.

The rest of your body needs attention too, so try to use natural body care lines to wash with, exfoliate regularly, and moisturize as often as you can!

Sleep is one of the best habits you can have, and the amount required for each person certainly varies according to your age.  This article has some interesting stats regarding a Canadian Sleep Study, but generally speaking, this is how much sleep is required (Source:


If you are concerned about your fluid intake, diet, the amount of sleep you get, or have any other health concerns, please consult a Physician as the information on this blog post is not medical advice, and cannot be used as such.

We would love to hear your feedback on your habits and how they help your skin.  Be sure to comment below or email us at

Until next time x

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